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Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Services

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BIBLINKing the Book World

With the advent of electronic media publishing, web based publications and CD-ROM book distributions; it has become essential for publishers, bibliographic agencies and libraries across the world to upgrade their cataloguing techniques and systems in order to keep abreast of developments.

Digital Economy

BIBLINK, an EC funded project, was initiated to ensure that electronic publishing did not become increasingly difficult, as it currently threatens to do with the enormous volumes of data being published in electronic formats. The information age currently faces a huge challenge in organizing and structuring this information into recognizable formats, easily searched for and retrieved by professional information seekers. Based on current Library cataloguing techniques, BIBLINK has developed into a major correspondence channel between National Library Associations and various publishing sources. Through this channel, publishers are required to register every publication they produce with a set of metadata imbedded that makes them easy to identify, categorise, update and retrieve. Document control is a major issue undermining the effectiveness of the electronic media world. With current search engine technologies, finding a particular article or author can prove to be a difficult experience. Even the best search engines can fail to locate the specific article desired whilst retrieving literally hundreds of “hits” that have little or no bearing on the subject at hand. BIBLINK introduces a standard set of bibliographic descriptors such as author, title, ISSN numbers embedded as metadata elements in publications and capable of standardizing electronic formats (through the USEMARCON platform). BIBLINK therefore, offers effective search and retrieval, submission, updating and creation of electronic publications that is easily achieved through a simple and speedy system that outperforms existing utilities. BIBLINK offers considerable advantages to professional and general users of information by offering them streamlined, accurate and current information with the ease of electronic mailbox delivery.

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