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Openmath-accessing and using mathematical information electronically

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OpenMath opens mathematical means for multimedia

One of the short comings of the multimedia industry, especially as far as the scientific community is concerned, is its inability to manipulate mathematical and scientific symbols or objects in a meaningful manner. The OpenMath standard has addressed this problem, and having achieved good results, now aims on making the multitude of platforms and programmes currently in use, OpenMath compatible.

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An earlier stage of the OpenMath Project, the MathML dealt principally with the presentation of mathematical objects. OpenMath has evolved on this principle, and whilst limited in its object capacity, has brought its primary focus on the semantic meaning of content. As such, the two together are highly compatible. Overall, the OpenMath is designed as a standard that will allow the representation of mathematical objects with their semantic content, allowing them to be used across a variety of platforms or exchanged between differing software systems. Additionally, (pardon the pun) OpenMath also allows mathematical content to be viewed in browsers, published across the internet, and can be used with the ease of cut and paste for different context. OpenMath can also verify whether or not something is mathematically sound and be used to make interactive documents really interactive. Some of the benefactors of this technology would be those persons who work with mathematics on computers, publications containing such expressions and for those who work in large documents such as databases and manuals. Since it is a standard, recognized and approved by the ISO committee, it has brought a long awaited, and much needed uniformity and homogeneity to this sector of multimedia. For more info: click here

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