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3-Dimensionality and Interactive Networked Collaboration for TRaditional Animation Production

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Create and collaborate! Cartoon network creation

The roots to a successful production animation industry equally require a successful and operational network of producers from the same field as well as advanced software tools capable of facilitating that collaboration.

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The ever-growing public interest in animation media has brought significant demands on the European animation production industry. In order to keep pace with the fast evolution of animation technology, SME in particular are looking for less costly means to make high quality animation productions. 3DINCTRAP, a novel European funded project, takes advantage of the power of networking for the exchange of knowledge and concentrates on exploiting the commercial values of the production animation industry. The consortium consists of animation software developers, producers, market specialists and University research groups. The project identifies business needs and opportunities for SME production companies and improves their networked collaborative tools. The reason for emphasising the commercial aspect is that it further enhances collaboration with industry in order to identify new research opportunities. It may also increase awareness of the latest versions of their real-time software tools for SMEs. Most importantly, the key purpose of the project was to adapt the cost of these real-time software tools to the needs of SME production companies that may be able to extend their options for producing long feature movies. The commercially available release is expected to be further enhanced with features such as 2D/3D integration and 2.5D animation for future co-productions. In addition, further improvements have been planned in next versions including networked collaboration tools and asset management for larger productions. Areas or spin-off projects where these techniques may be highly exploitable include cartoon movies/series, interactive animated comics, and games on mobile devices as well as advanced Internet applications. A thorough market study prepares a business plan for promoting the software bringing both European producers' and animators a step closer to making their cartoon dreams a reality.

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