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OnLine Partnership lens: a social browser for networked enterprise

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Focusing on suitable human resource management

One of the main problems with online networking between business enterprises is finding the correct talent for the job in the time allocated and establishing the correct forms of collaboration. Human resource management can be difficult at the best of times, within a global scale it can be nigh on impossible.

Digital Economy

Resource management, especially that of human capital within an international arena can be daunting and singularly massive in scope. The Opal Consortium addressed this hardship with the intention of designing a robust partnering mechanism. This tool is involved in the entire process, from the initial design of call for tenders (or hiring requirements) all the way through to the signing of contracts. Its purpose is to assist managers in compiling the best members for their teams, by identifying criteria best suited to assist managerial decision making. In order to do so, a multidisciplinary focus was undertaken in the research stage of development, pulling knowledge from such disciplines as knowledge management, human computer interaction, software engineering and computer supported cooperative work. The result; the online partnership lens that helps assess the potential attributes of people, in order to select the most appropriate ones for collaborative purposes. In addition, it is capable of assessing these collaborative profiles with regards to three facets of partnership: competence, compatibility and confidence. Moreover, these facets have been integrated into a flexible toolkit for partnership modelling. This is perhaps one of its greatest strengths as a knowledge management tool. The Opal toolkit can be used by a number of interests, including personnel managers, resource management and recruiters. Since it provides profiles that are task specific as well as according to personality types, competencies etc, it is able to determine the most appropriate candidate(s) for the given project, thus compiling the most suitable composition of the personnel requirements.

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