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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Crisp, distributed intelligence in critical infrastructure for sustainable power (CRISP)

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Making power system operation more robust

The technical consequences of DG (distributed generation) penetration in power system operations have been examined in order to analyse the different facets of system robustness.

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The CRISP project has investigated, designed and tested ways in which ICT innovation can be exploited for cost-effective and reliable monitoring, management and control of power networks. Software was designed for the development of interactive intelligent distribution networks with improved regional monitoring and control potential within a new integrated EU-distribution network. Numerous laboratory and field tests were conducted in various countries which resulted in practical advice for the use of intelligent ICTs in high-DG power networks. Following this, a detailed description of the power system was created to examine technical consequences and blackout countermeasures, mainly linked to transmission. It defines important events and defence plans. Furthermore, a specific criterion was suggested because of its ability to indicate the real time situation regarding stability. The real time evaluation of stability occurs cell by cell and is combined at a higher level. This enables a more intricate stability study with the use of a scalability parameter which simultaneously accounts for local and global constraints. Moreover, future demands for control and communication are specified for different types of power system applications on a local scale.

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