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Keys for quality performance management of the care of older persons in Europe

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Handbook for using CareKeys toolkit

CareKeys was a three and a half year research project which developed and validated methodologies and performance indicators for the care of older persons. The results were disseminated as a handbook for the CareKeys toolkit.

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The intention of the CareKeys project has been to develop, test and disseminate effective tools for the management and performance evaluation of health and social services for the elderly dependent on long-term care. Performance indicators enable evaluation of quality, cost-effectiveness, and equity of care for older persons. Particular emphasis was placed on reflecting the client's preferences in the quality of care they receive. The ultimate objective was to provide a reliable and user-friendly toolkit containing key quality indicators for practical care management. The CareKeys project, which involved partners from Finland, Estonia, Germany, Spain and the UK, addressed three key questions. These where whether the care provided met the client's needs, did care improve their quality of life, and whether high standards of care and service were delivered? These targets were achieved through the use of social and health economic research, the modelling of the best practices and user trials. One of objective of this research work has been to produce a handbook on the CareKeys Quality Management Model. This includes information on client, professional and management quality. The handbook, which is in English, gives a detailed description and practical examples of how to use the CareKeys instruments. Part of the handbook includes user information for TEFF, MAssT and MAsTT-D modules. They are also available on the project website at Research and development for CareKeys was performed in close collaboration with potential end-users of the handbook, such as care managers. Stakeholders were also involved, including older clients and their families, care providers and other relevant professionals.

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