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Compact low emission vehicle for urban transport

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Welcoming a greener urban vehicle

A novel small vehicle promoting cleaner urban transport while lessening traffic and parking congestion has been designed.

Industrial Technologies

The rise in mobility in every day life has a negative impact on the environment. This has brought on a quest for vehicle ingenuity with greener technology. In light of this, the CLEVER project has designed a small vehicle for clean urban transport with minimum requirements on urban space in traffic as well as in parking. In addition, a new storage and refuelling technology is part of this endeavour, promoting the use of alternative energies for vehicle operation in which refuelling could take place at home. Thus, it is no surprise that the CLEVER vehicle has market potential particularly in the cities of Graz, Austria and Thessaloniki, Greece. Part of the vehicle's appeal is that it merges the benefits of a car without the worry of congestion and parking problems. Residents who are likely to switch modes of transport are both car drivers as well as those who use public transport. The most significant benefit of the CLEVER vehicle is its potential to reduce gas emissions and fuel consumption making it very appealing to policy makers and transport experts alike.

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