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Stimulating science studies

The EU-funded CoReflect project is trying to understand why young people are losing interest in studying science and in research, and to come up with ideas for rekindling their interest in this important field.

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The first step for the project team was to identify the problem: why are European students losing interest in science? For this, the team had to establish what motivates students and to examine the curricula of educational institutions at the ground level before coming up with new tools to stimulate science classes. CoReflect arranged for local working groups to get together to exchange ideas, share knowledge and receive peer feedback on their work. Partners developed a learning/teaching platform in local languages. The learning tools, authored in a web-based environment, were validated according to how well they motivated students and then implemented into real classroom settings. This iterative approach was beneficial for both teachers and students. Teachers approached the platform with an attitude of informal, but professional interest, whilst students embraced the problem-based approach to learning.

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