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Iwasawa theory of Galois representations

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EU-funded scientists tackle Iwasawa theory gaps

Researchers in Turkey are attempting to shed light on various problems in number theory and arithmetic geometry.

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Galois representations have become one of the central objects of study in number theory and arithmetic geometry. Despite great achievements in this area in the last decade, many important questions in this area of research remain open, such as the 'main conjectures' of Iwasawa theory in various contexts. Scientists at Koç University in Istanbul are exploring how to plug some of these gaps via the 'Iwasawa theory of Galois representations' (Iwthegar) project. The aim is to study Euler and Kolyvagin systems attached to Galois representations and to their Iwasawa theoretical deformations, as well as related themes within the Euler system theory. In addition to paying for the research team to resolve various mathematical problems, the EU funds are being used to train the lead researcher for the transfer of knowledge and to help him integrate into the European scientific community. The researcher made use of the funds to visit several European research institutes and deliver lectures in Germany, Poland, Turkey, and the UK. He also financed scientific trips to Chile, Japan and the US to maintain ties with research groups in these countries. Moreover, he acted as host to several important researchers in Istanbul to give the local mathematics community an opportunity to interact with some of the leading researchers in arithmetic algebraic geometry and number theory.

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