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Aircraft get a shock

The 'Unsteady effects in shock wave induced separation' (UFAST) project focused on both theoretical and experimental work in the area of unsteady shockwave boundary layer interactions (SWBLI). The initiative built on important developments in numerical and experimental methods that enabled research into SWBLI to take place.

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Case studies of the effects of shockwaves on aircraft wings and nozzle and inlet flows provided a foundation for experts in aeronautics to tackle more challenging questions. These included the study of basic flow configurations to gain a clearer understanding of flow unsteadiness. Although unsteadiness caused by different types of flows is initiated by SWBLI, it can be altered by the outer or downstream flow field. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the effect caused by a shockwave and the ways in which it responds to periodic excitations. the EU-funded project improved knowledge and expertise by conducting reference experiments based on unsteady effects. The initiative also sought to improve existing numerical modelling methods that can increase understanding of complex physical phenomena. New methods of turbulence modelling, especially for shock dominated flows, were developed by the consortium and a project website used to disseminate the new knowledge. researchers carried out closely linked numerical and experimental studies that enabled numerical results to be applied to experiments and vice versa. This enabled weakness in both methods to be identified and dealt with. The project's achievements therefore included reference experiments that focused on unsteady effects, improved numerical modelling techniques and an improved understanding of complex physical phenomena. results from the UFAST initiative will help make flying an even safer form of travel and give the European aviation industry an important competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

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2 October 2020