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Raise public appearance and perception of LifeSciHealth Projects through communication experts and services

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Enhancing the communication of scientific activities

A Specific Support Action project developed a communications model for enhancing public knowledge and perception of EU research results. Activities targeted LifeSciHealth projects that aim to improve quality of life for EU citizens.


The 'Raise public appearance and perception of LifeSciHealth projects through communication experts and services' (Appear) project aimed to bridge the gap between EU research results and their general perception across Europe. The EU-funded consortium brought together experts in different fields of communication to offer new methods for publicising the outcomes of four Life Science Programme projects. Efforts were based on a comprehensive, inclusive and well-structured methodology of information flow and communication activities at EU level. Customised communication plans were put in place for producing and distributing information on issues related to the objectives and impact of research. Each project benefitted from a range of assisted communication services that distributed audiovisual material to international broadcasters for TV stories in local languages. By involving scientific experts in strategic phases of news-raising activities, Appear worked to enhance the flow of information from projects as well as ensure their scientific coherence. The creation of a model for the communication of scientific activities further allowed projects to efficiently and effectively disseminate their outcomes without extending budget or resource allocations. This is important since results only acquire 'tangible' worth once they enter the public domain. Relevant materials were distributed to some 30 online publications, and videos were distributed to 17 broadcasters in 16 different languages across 18 European countries. Finally, results from the projects were presented to members of the European Parliament and Commission as well as to journalists so as to generate a positive perception of EU research activities.

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