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Green Product Development and Resource Efficient Production Assigned Training in St. Petersburg area, Russia

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Greening Russia’s industrial sector

Russia’s efforts to modernise and green its industrial sector have included the use of life-cycle analysis (LCA) to assess the environmental impact of production processes and their resulting products. The EU-funded Great Peter project helped to train researchers, civil servants and industrial companies in both the theoretical and practical aspects of environmental management and impact assessment.

Climate Change and Environment

Great Peter conducted a number of initiatives, the first of which was a series of seminars. The first was on green product design and the environmental assessment of processes and products. The second seminar explained LCA methodology and examined life cycle assessments on products from three St. Petersburg based companies. The demonstration was followed by a lecture on cleaner technology for improved sustainable production. The aim of the Great Peter initiative was to implement LCA methodology in at least 10 companies in the St. Petersburg region in order to develop local capacity for LCA and green product development. The project successfully demonstrated methods for minimising environmental emissions and waste in the production process and by using the product in a sustainable way. Results from the project were presented to stakeholders and the findings passed on to other regions. The initiative has acted as a solid base in the St. Petersburg region for greening industrial production and in helping it to improve by becoming more sustainable.

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25 September 2019