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Europe awakens to life sciences

A vigorous initiative to attract young researchers from different corners of the globe to Europe is giving an unprecedented boost to disciplines related to life sciences.

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Molecular biology has become a hot topic in European research, prompting the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) to launch yet another of its successful mobility initiatives for young scientists. Awarding funds to postdoctoral scientists EMBO organised its resources through the EmbocoFUNDFP7 for research and training. With the demand for EMBO fellowships rising dramatically in the last decade, the project has attracted more talented young scientists to benefit from European infrastructure and contribute to the European Research Area (ERA). It has so far conducted two calls through a vigorous online media and marketing campaign to draw quality long-term fellowships from around the world. The drive has attracted over 1,000 applications which were screened by a panel of global experts in life sciences, resulting in 215 fellowships being awarded to ideal candidates. The project is scheduled to end in late 2012, and all involved fellows are scheduled to have completed their fellowship by then. The full positive implications of such expertise on the health of the knowledge economy within Europe and on the ERA should be felt over the next few years.

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