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Safety Intelligent Fisheries Product Traceability Management Throughout The Supply Chain

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Tracing fishery products down the supply chain

A European consortium developed an intelligent information technology (IT)-based system for tracing fishery products at every step during the supply process. This new tagging technology would allow unique product identification, enabling their constant monitoring and management.

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The fishing industry represents a major source of revenue for many European countries. As a result, considerable effort has been put towards the development of an effective system for tracing fishery products back to their source. Such technology would significantly boost consumers’ confidence in the industry. To this aim, the EU-funded ‘Safety intelligent fisheries product traceability management throughout the supply chain’ (Samantha) project was designed to develop and produce a system for tracing fishing goods in big companies as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The concept behind the Samantha initiative was to design a platform that would use radio frequency identification (RFID) to tag fishery products and collect all the necessary information. Product tracing would then be performed by a traceability information system (TIS) composed of modules for traceability management, user management and efficient communication of TIS components. A series of system prototypes were constructed in order to evaluate the effects of several parameters, such as humidity, temperature, ice and water. Samantha has provided SMEs with the appropriate IT technology not only to trace and manage their products down the supply chain, but to certify their origin, thereby preventing black market operations in the sector. Most importantly, the developed technology would help SMEs to comply with EU directives regarding the quality of products and consumers’ health.

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