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LEGATO Second Annual Meeting & Second Stakeholder Workshop

The FP7-funded LEGATO project will hold its Second Annual Meeting and Second Stakeholder Workshop from 1 to 2 December in Cordoba, Spain.

1 December 2015 - 2 December 2015
Cordoba, Spain

The project is working to promote the culture of grain legumes in Europe by identifying priority issues currently limiting grain legume cultivation and devising solutions in terms of novel varietal development, cultural practices, and food uses. LEGATO will develop tools and resources to enable state of the art breeding methodology and to exploit fully the breadth of genetic resources available.

The overall aim of LEGATO is to contribute to the increased sustainable reintroduction of grain legumes in European cropping systems. Working on the major European grain legumes, pea, faba bean, and with specific objectives on white lupin and grass pea, the project focuses on the identification and testing of novel legume breeding lines possessing valuable characters such as disease and pest resistance and quality for human consumption. More information on the project meeting and stakeholder workshop will soon be available on the project website.

For further information, please visit:
LEGATO project website