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Silicon Carbide in Europe 2020 (SiCE-2020)

The workshop, jointly organized by the EU projects CHALLENGE, REACTION and WInSiC4AP, will bring together leading specialists working in different areas of silicon carbide (SiC) technology, both from universities, research centers and industries. This unique feature will enable the interaction of different communities, working on complementary aspects of SiC technology, thus being an efficient driving force for the further development of SiC research in Europe. A call for abstracts is open.

Transport and Mobility
Industrial Technologies
4 Maggio 2020 - 6 Maggio 2020
Catania, Italy

The workshop will provide an interesting opportunity to consider advances in both basic research, as well as SiC devices and applications in the field of power electronics. In particular, the aim of the workshop is to debate the latest achievements in SiC wafers growth, devices processing and applications, and to analyze their impact on the goals of the industry towards the development and commercialization of devices, modules and production equipment for several applications (automotive, railways transportation, avionics, renewable energies, etc.).

The workshop is organized in the framework of three running European projects on SiC: CHALLENGE ( REACTION ( and WInSiC4AP (

Registration will be made available soon on the conference website:

Abstracts submission

The Scientific Committee of SiCE-2020 has opened a call for abstracts to select high quality papers in the following areas:
• Bulk and Epitaxial Growth of SiC materials
• Material Characterization
• Surfaces and Interfaces in SiC devices
• Fabrication Processing (contacts, implantation doping, gate oxides, etc.)
• Power Devices (Schottky Diodes, JBS, MOSFETs, etc.)
• Modelling and Reliability
• Packaging, Power Modules and Circuit Technology
• System Applications (electric vehicles, railway, avionic, energy conversion, etc.)

The abstracts must be submitted by email at the address: within the deadline of March 6, 2020.

Further information is available on the conference website:
For any further information about SiCE-2020, please contact:

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SiC, silicon carbide, power electronics, materials, 3C-SiC, SiC devices, system applications, SiC wafers