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CORDIS è la fonte primaria di informazioni per i progetti finanziati dall’UE dal 1990

Ultimi progetti aggiornati

AcronimoTitoloIDUltimo aggiornamento
LIGHTHEARTSurgical optogenetic bioprinting of engineered cardiac muscle1010774193 Febbraio 2023
SOC-MISCSocial Inequalities in the Risk and Aftermath of Miscarriage1010775943 Febbraio 2023
IMMUNO-TEXOvercoming resistance to immunotherapy: Immunostimulatory tumor-derived extracellular vesicles as multifunctional anticancer agents1010781983 Febbraio 2023
GENDEREDCLIMATEMIGInternal and international climate-induced migration, gendered inequalities and governance: understanding migration decisions, exploring migration experiences1010760723 Febbraio 2023
AFROPEABlack Narratives of Transcultural Appropriation: Constructing Afropean Worlds, Questioning European Foundations1010758423 Febbraio 2023
MICROSURFMicrobial performance impacted by surfactants from glyphosate application1010755813 Febbraio 2023
SPACEPrecision oncology of spatial immune escape mechanisms in ovarian cancer1010760963 Febbraio 2023
FORAGINGCORTEXCognition and Neurocomputations of motivation and planning1010762473 Febbraio 2023
FSSecFoundations for Sustainable Security1010764093 Febbraio 2023
UNRAVEL-CAUSALITYMental illness, substance use, and cardiovascular disease: Unravelling causal relationships1010766863 Febbraio 2023
qDynnetQuantum dynamical neural networks1010768983 Febbraio 2023
PRIGLUEProtein-RNA interaction stabilization using molecular glues1010764983 Febbraio 2023
SOMATOGPSThe Body Positioning System: A GPS for somatosensory space1010769913 Febbraio 2023
RegEvoHumStudying the cis-regulatory changes that have shaped human evolution1010771163 Febbraio 2023
ReinforceBGInterrogating basal ganglia reinforcement with deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease.1010770603 Febbraio 2023