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Specific Programme "Capacities": Research potential of Convergence Regions



Europe needs to exploit its research potential, particularly in the less advanced regions that are
remotely situated from the European core of research and industrial development. A strategy of
inclusiveness can potentially benefit the social fabric as well as the research community and
the industry, locally and at the level of the European Research Area.

What's the benefit for citizens:

Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience existing in other regions of Europe, this
action seeks to upgrade research potential where needed by providing support in the form of
investment, staff, networking or advice.
The effort is directed at researchers and institutions of these regions in the public or private

What's the benefit for researchers:

The research community in the convergence and outermost regions will be supported as follows:
• Transnational two-way exchanges of research staff between selected organisations
in the convergence regions, and one or more partner organisations; support to
selected centres of existing or emerging excellence for the recruitment of incoming
experienced researchers from other European countries.
• Acquisition and development of research equipment and the development of a
material environment enabling the exploitation of the intellectual potential to be
found in the selected centres of existing or emerging excellence in the convergence
• Organisation of workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer;
promotional activities as well as initiatives aiming at disseminating and transferring
research results in other countries and international markets.
• "Evaluation facilities" through which any research centre in the convergence
regions can obtain an international independent expert evaluation of the level of
their overall research quality and infrastructures.

What's the benefit for industry and SMEs:

To fully realise the European Research Area in the enlarged Union, all regions must take part
and must be supported if necessary. This strategy directly benefits SMEs and industrial
organisations in the convergence regions.
Strong synergies will be sought with the Community regional policy. Actions under this heading
will identify needs and opportunities for reinforcing the research capacities of emerging and
existing centres of excellence in convergence regions which may be met by Structural and
Cohesion funds.
Synergies will also be sought with the Competitiveness and Innovation programme in order to
promote the regional commercialisation of research and development in collaboration with