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Reinforcing European presence in international ICT standardisation: Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility


The aim is to reinforce the EU and associated states presence in the international ICT standardisation scene, by setting up a standardisation observatory and a facility supporting the participation of key European specialists (especially from SMEs and Academia) in key international and global SDOs and consortia.

Key tasks to be carried out are:

  • Mapping of the relevant activities in international ICT standardisation where reinforced European resources are needed. When relevant hosting standardisation meetings and workshops in Europe.
  • Setting up of a management facility to support participation and leadership (e.g. chairing of technical committees) of key European specialists (incl. from SMEs and academia) in those organisations and technical bodies identified. The aim should be to achieve critical mass from industry, including SMEs and Startups, and academia for emerging standardisation activities.
  • Liaise with relevant on-going developments in EU and national funded R&I projects, in particular with projects having identified standardisation output or with potential relevant results, including as well other coordination and support actions, and relevant PPPs.

This action allows for the provision of financial support to third parties in line with the conditions set out in Part K of the General Annexes, in particular regarding the participation of European specialists in international SDOs. The consortium will define the process for an open call allowing the funding of the key European specialists to participate in international ICT standardisation activities to fulfil the scope of the call. The consortium will also define the process for an open call that will lead to a selection of an additional pool of experts that may be needed to evaluate the applications for funding specialists. In addition ad-hoc selection processes may be required. Financial support for these specialists will be typically in the order of EUR 1.000 – 10.000 per action by third party.

The proposal should take into account the previous activities carried out on the observatory and facility for funding experts within the topic ICT-40-2017 implemented by the project (see

The Commission considers that proposals should cover a period of at least three years. The Commission considers that a proposal requesting a contribution from the EU of EUR 4 million would allow this area to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Standards and interoperability for digital technologies play a crucial role as a foundation of an effective Digital Single Market. There are ever more bodies and organisations involved in ICT standard setting around the world. The challenge is to improve cooperation, reinforce the involvement of European specialists and increase the focus in order to ensure that the EU's priorities and the DSM perspectives are sufficiently represented in the entire spectrum of organisations.

Identification of ICT standardisation areas which need European intervention and proposal of actions to address them;

  • Engagement of required stakeholders and experts to ensure lasting impact;
  • Increase the influence or Europe into international ICT standardisation, ensuring promotion of European requirements and interests;
  • Set-up of a facility to support participation of European specialists in international ICT SDOs and technical bodies.
  • Increase the participation of European specialists in international ICT Standardisation activities to support European interests, including in leadership positions.
  • Getting working items at the right time into the right technical bodies in international SDOs, fora and consortia.
  • Synergies with other similar initiatives or European players including from EU (and national) funded R&I projects
  • Common positions of European stakeholders in international ICT standardisation.