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International partnership building between European and African innovation hubs


a) Innovation Action (IA)

Cooperation on developing and strengthening of digital innovation hubs in Africa actions will address:

  1. reinforcing the development and establishment of Pan-African networks of Digital Innovations/Tech Hubs through strengthening local digital innovation and startup ecosystems by:
    1. providing technical capacity building and technology transfer to local SMEs, local governments and projects focused on digitalisation and the uptake of digital innovations such as the use of open data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain technologies;
    2. fostering the development of an enabling environment for digital start-ups through establishing networks between fast growing companies, startup founders, local governments, academic institutions, early stage investors and corporates;
    3. providing capacity-building programmes, focused on digital and entrepreneu

      To reinforce cooperation and strategic partnership with selected countries in Africa to support the strengthening of existing digital innovation hubs (DIHs) in Africa and to facilitate the collaboration between EU and African DIHs in order to strengthen a common EU-Africa innovation and start-up ecosystem

      Targeted countries: Low and middle income countries[[See World Bank country classification]] in Africa

      a) Innovation Action (IA)

      • Further development of digital innovation hubs to the support of digitalisation of SMEs and traditional sectors in Africa contributing to a vibrant digital economy and new job opportunities;
        • Strengthening of innovation ecosystems for digital startups at the local level;
        • Support of youth employment programs by facilitating collaboration between European and African DIHs and startups;
        • Enhancement of entrepreneurial and innovation skills of ICT professionals and start-ups in selected African countries;
      • Sustainable uptake of results within the targeted countries, beyond the project completion date;
      • Reinforced international dimension of the ICT and Innovation aspects of Horizon 2020 and contribution to the implementation of the EC digital for development strategy ;
      • Reinforcement of strategic partnerships between EU and African Digital Innovation Hubs in areas of mutual intere