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Supporting the community in deploying a common framework for measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT-sector


Specific Challenge:International standardisation bodies and fora (like the ITU, ETSI, IEC and the GHG Protocol) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission had developed over the last years a framework of metrics, methodologies and best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT-sector. While a number of pilot testing initiatives had been launched and supported by the European Commission (e.g. which successfully pilot tested key elements of the above framework, its broad deployment still remains an issue, particularly by smaller organisations, due notably to the lack of awareness/expertise on their side in deploying the above framework.  

Scope:The action will set up a number of support services (notably a helpdesk service, online support, translation of important documents) to facilitate/enable a fast and efficient uptake by the community (particularly by smaller organisations, notably SMEs) of the above framework. Appropriate liaisons will be established with the relevant bodies and fora that developed the above framework to ensure the availability of the relevant expertise when needed. Technical areas of focus will include (but will not be limited to) those of data centres and networks. The duration of the action will be 3-years.

Expected impact:A fast and efficient uptake of such methodologies will lead, among others, to transparency in measuring the environmental effect of the ICT-sector which, in turn, will lead to higher awareness on the energy and environmental footprint of the ICT, more efficient development and use of policy instruments for measuring and controlling the above footprint, new business opportunities and higher competitiveness of industry through the establishment of a level playing field. In this context, the ICT will play an even more important role in helping the EU reaching its energy and environmental objectives.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions