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PJ.20 W2 Master Planning


The master planning (MP) project shall be the programme focal point to ensure the maintenance and evolution of the European ATM Master Plan. It consists of the yearly update of Level 2 and 3 Plans and Reports, updating and publishing as and when necessary the ATM-MP and in supporting ATM-MP update campaigns, every 2-3 years where is carried out a major and simultaneous update of all three levels of the ATM-MP.

The mission of the MP project is to apply top-down logic to facilitate the strategic steering of the SESAR project as a whole in line with Policy priorities. To achieve that mission, the Project will support the SESAR JU in:

  • Organising the Master Plan update campaign (one update campaign is tentatively planned to take place in 2022, precise year to be confirmed by the SJU and its Governance Bodies) taking into consideration the review of SESAR 2020 and SESAR Deployment results;
  • Monitoring the evolution and publication of the ATM MP Level 2 of the Master Plan on a yearly basis to ensure that it remains “SESAR Solutions centric” and consistent with the ATM MP Level 1 (Yearly Development Planning & Reporting ATM MP Level 2);
  • Ensuring the update, maintenance, evolution and publication of the ATM MP Level 3 of the Master Plan on a yearly basis, translating relevant Level 2 information of the ATM MP into the deployment view (Yearly Deployment Planning & Reporting ATM MP Level 3);

The ATM Master Plan (ATM MP) is the roadmap driving the modernisation of the European ATM system and connecting the different SESAR research and development activities, and its execution and maintenance is under the responsibility of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU).

The ATM MP evolves following the changes on the SESAR vision and performance ambitions and the results of the research and development activities. Therefore, the three levels of the ATM Master Plan (Executive view, Development Planning and Reporting and Deployment Planning and Reporting) require synchronised monitoring and alignment.

This project will deliver the ATM-Master Plan (ATM-MP) that represents the roadmap driving the modernisation of the European ATM system and connecting SESAR research and development with deployment. It shall be the key SES instrument for the seamless operation of the Content Development Framework (EATMA) and the timely, coordinated and synchronised SESAR deployment.