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Adjustment of Steel process production to prepare for the transition towards climate neutrality (Clean Steel Partnership) (IA)


The proposals submitted under this topic are expected to provide concepts addressing the modifications of the existing installations of both primary and secondary steel production (BF/BOF, EAF, DRI) concerning the internal and external flows of energy and materials in order to re-use metallurgical gases (internal re-cycling) and to upgrade them with new sources (H2), e.g. by replacement of fossil carbon as reducing agent with hydrogen and biomass.

This also includes the integrated preparation (reforming, separation, heating, compression) of external carbon-lean reducing gases or internally-recycled CO/CO2 streams for efficient injection in the BF or use in conventional plants.

The concepts to be addressed under this topic are expected to address one or more of the following areas:

  • Injection of hydrogen or hydrogen-rich metallurgical gases or biomass to directly avoid the usage of fossil carbon as reducing agent in BF or as heat source in EAF operation;
  • New process technologies for co-injection and new injection ports for BF and DRI plants and for EAF technology;
  • Advanced gas treatment solutions (purification, reforming, preheating) for steel plants process gases for the purpose of internal re-use;
  • Integration of gas injection with CO2 capture and storage technologies for the transition to CO2 neutral steelmaking;
  • Adaption of the energy and materials flow in the energy system of the steel production process with adjustments of gas distribution/combustion to new gas properties and amounts including new developments regarding the related process technology and control technology.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on Clean Steel.