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Advanced characterisation methodologies to assess and predict the health and environmental risks of nanomaterials (RIA)

  • Develop advanced characterization tools and methods for nanomaterials industry to enhance the design and development stages of advanced materials and products contributing to less waste and emissions while improving process quality in line with Life Cycle Assessment framework;
  • Develop new in vitro models and tests to assess nanotoxicology;
  • Include use cases to validate and demonstrate the approach(es) in industrial settings and involve comprehensive analysis and measurement of process and handling release scenarios and exposure measurements;
  • Propose the validated methods to standardization bodies such as ISO or OECD for development of standards, test guidance or a guidance document;
  • Demonstrate connectivity with H2020 nanosafety projects and leverage the extensive experience from relevant initiatives. Cooperation with EU funded projects under Industry Commons and other similar initiatives for interopera