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Support to European Standardisation Organisations for biomethane injection in the grid in support of the implementation of the RED II as well as gas quality regulatory work


CEN/TC 408 worked on the Commission's Standardization Request M/475 on standards for biomethane use in transport and injection in natural gas pipelines under contract SA/CEN/ENTR/EFTA/475/2012-15 and the standardisation work has progressed well. However, the work identified important topics for which research has to be continued in order to provide certainty for the specification and in particular:

a. Impact of siloxanes on industrial boilers;

b. Impact of Sulphur on engines;

c. Impact of oxygen on underground storages;

d. Impact of components on health;

e. corrosion tests in gas networks;

f. impacts of Hydrogen content in biomethane on gas grid;

g. statistical analysis on biogas composition;

h. purification process.

This grant will be awarded without a call for proposals according to Article 195(e) of the Financial Regulation and Article 20(4) of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and Rules for Participation to the legal entity identified below