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Research infrastructures services for a sustainable and resilient agriculture and agro-ecological transitions


This topic aims at integrating and providing trans-national and/or virtual access to a complementary and interdisciplinary research infrastructures services to support R&I in view of achieving a sustainable and resilient agriculture and support agro-ecological transitions, in line with the One-Health approach. This approach appears to be particularly relevant to provide evidence to restore biodiversity, increase efficiency in the use of resources and prevent future crises. Research infrastructures should integrate, customise and offer a wide range of services to support agricultural research also in relation with agroforestry, aquaculture, horticulture, husbandry and pastoralism, taking into account the value chain, social and behavioural aspects and possibly human and animal nutrition dimensions.

Appropriate links and complementarities will be ensured with Horizon Europe Missions, in particular the one on Soil health and food[[