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Co-operation platform for research and standards


COPRAS will survey FP6 IST projects for standards-related output and provide appropriate ones with information on standardization to help progress their outputs through standards bodies. Operating through successive calls, COPRAS will provide an ongoing platform for ICT standards/RTD issues and prepare generic information to improve standards awareness.

The project is proposed by the European Standards Organizations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, and by the Open Group and W3C, who, together with other major industry standards consortia, are members of the ICT Standards Board. ICTSB is the co-ordinating forum for European ICT standardization. It will be kept regularly informed of the project's progress and will discuss the emerging results to ensure that the project outputs are directed appropriately. A key objective of the IST programme is to ensure European leadership in the generic and applied technologies at the heart of the knowledge economy.

The standards programme for eEurope will facilitate the adoption of the research results and provide feedback about their acceptance and problems in their use. COPRAS will thus act as an important link between the objectives of the IST FP6 programme and eEurope. COPRAS will establish action plans for chosen projects, including inputs to standardization, and either enable the participation of the project in existing standards groups or promote new standardization activities for consideration by ICTSB. It will also facilitate contributions to research by informing projects of the state of the art and which standardization activities are most relevant for them.

Using inclusive consensus building mechanisms it can optimise SME participation. COPRAS will carry out additional promotional activities, including preparation of a set of web pages and links, brochures, open meetings, seminars and conferences. Finally COPRAS will prepare generic guidance material to help future projects to include an appropriate standards interface in bids.

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