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Nature-inspired smart Information Systems

Exploitable results

The overall mission of NiSIS was to coordinate multi-disciplinary studies and research endeavours into the development and utilisation of intelligent paradigms in advanced information systems. The project has been actively supported by members from more than 60 research institutes at industries and universities all across Europe. The Focus Groups dealed with theoretical and technological aspects and new developments covering the theme of nature-inspired systems in the areas of: - Nature-inspired Data Technology (NiDT) - Nature-inspired Networks (NiN) - Nature-inspired Systems Modelling, Optimisation and Control (NiMOC) The overall integration of the Project results has been overseen by an ITB (Integrated Technology Board). It deals also with relationships to other EU-projects and national projects, including linkage with existing Networks and development of the NiSIS Roadmap. During the three years of the project lift time, the Integration Technology Board has met 11 times. Two big Meetings with all contractors took place at Majorca in June 2006 and in Aachen in September 2007, while the emphasis of these events was to bring together all the members of NiSIS to engage in brainstorming, also with regard to the NiSIS Roadmap input. The last ITB meeting during the Annual Symposium held in Malta from 26-28 November 2007 concentrated on the details of the publication of the Roadmap and preparation for the 3rd Periodic Progress Report and Management Report. It was decided to use the ELITE Foundation facilities for the Roadmap publication because of their expertise in preparation of widely distributed literature for newsletters etc. Three Annual Symposia have been organised by the European NiSIS Co-ordination Group which have shown state-of-the-art presentations as well as new developments in Nature-inspired Systems with Intelligent Technologies. These events were usually structured into Plenaries with very interesting and diverse talks by renowned speakers as well as different parallel Sessions where experts lectured their developments and applications in various areas. In between, very lively discussions took place between the participants from different countries. It was always encouraging to see that also students and young researchers participated, as it is was of the objectives of NiSIS to involve new and young people. The NiSIS Competitions were ideal instruments which have motivated scientists to develop new ideas. Traditionally, the competitions in NiSIS were organised by the committee which is responsible for Technology Transfer within the network and the winners were awarded during the Annual Symposia. All the initiated 12 Task Forces have completed their period of budgeting and work plan. ITB members have been involved personally in these Task Forces and their performance has been monitored and reported on in the list of activities below. Generally, they have fulfilled their aims well and indeed have led to several initiatives in FP7 STREPS proposals in the Open FET programme. There has been significant cross-over between personnel in the Focus Groups and the Task force programmes of work. The 3 Focus Groups and the TTE committee have reported in detail about their activities in the 3 different Periodic Progress Reports. The membership has remained constant during 2007 at 64, there being deliberately no particular attempt to promote an increase for the final year of the project. Consolidation has been the major aim and the ITB analysis of the Final Annual Symposium suggested a very positive outcome from this final event. The EU projects Neuro-IT and ONCE-CS were invited to be involved in the NiSIS Annual Symposium held in Malta during November 2007. The Management and Service Centre in Aachen, Germany was the central information source and responsible for the administration of the project. In the main, NiSIS has achieved the targeted expectations and the work always proceeded in a very positive atmosphere.

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