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Ambient Networks Phase 2


The future wireless world will be filled by a multitude of user devices, and wireless technologies. Simple-to-use, anytime-anywhere network access affordable for everyone is an undisputed must for the eSociety, where the user will expect a rich set of communication services independently of the access used. Devising technologies for true Plug-and-Play networking, efficient use of all infrastructure investments and access competition are the key technical challenges to achieve this vision.

The Ambient Networks project is addressing these challenges by developing innovative mobile network solutions for increased competition and cooperation in an environment with a multitude of access technologies, network operators and business actors. It offers a complete, coherent wireless network solution based on dynamic composition of networks that provide access to any network through the instant establishment of inter-network agreements. The concept offers common control functions to a wide range of different applications and access technologies, enabling the integrated, scalable and transparent control of network capabilities.

The project has three phases. Phase 1 has established the overall approach and developed innovative technical concepts. Phase 2 will prove their viability through implementation, integration, measurements and performance evaluation, enabling concurrent standardisation. The planned effort of approximately 2400 person-months reflects the strategic and technical ambitions of Ambient Networks during its second phase.

Ambient Networks brings together a strong industry-led consortium of the leading operators, vendors, SMEs and research organisations, with the determination, skills and critical mass to create cross-industry consensus for mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G. The results will facilitate the incremental market introduction of new services, and stimulate sustainable growth in the European mobile communications sector.

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