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Quality platform for open source software


QualiPSo aims at making a major contribution to the state of the art and practice of Open Source Software. The goal of the project is "to define and implement technologies, procedures and policies to leverage the Open Source Software development current practices to sound and well recognised and established industrial operations".

QualiPSo brings together software companies, application solution developers and research institutions and will be driven by the need for having for OSS software the appropriated level of trust which makes OSS development an industrial and wide accepted practice. To reach this goal the QualiPSo project will define, deploy and launch the QualiPSo Competence Centres in Europe (4), Brazil (1) and China (1) all of them making use of the QualiPSo Factory a new generation sorce-forge.

Exploitation of results will be achieved through different routes, but with the common theme of partners incorporating these results in current or planned products. Under their founders partners the QualiPSo project will be closely related with important OSS Communities such as QbjectWeb and Morfeo.

With the economy moving towards new open models, the potential impact of QualiPSo will be across the entire chain of software system development, proposing an integrated approach along many dimensions:
- technically, through a focus on complementary problem areas addressed by strong research teams,
- industrially, through application partners from different sectors who share a common vision for the potential of services,
- managerially, through the creation of a strong management structure based on an entrepreneurial company,
- internationally with partners from different countries coming from different continents,
- individually, through strong existing working relationships between partners.

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