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Dynamically self-configuring automotive systems


Future application scenarios for vehicle electronic systems include simultaneous access to a number of mobile devices that build ad-hoc networks with the built-in devices and utilize network-based services. Due to the nature of automotive systems (simple intuitive interfaces highly integrated with the car environment) there is a strong need to provide a platform that is capable of hiding the inherent complexity of the system from the user whilst nevertheless enabling advanced features and making optimal use of resources as and when they become available. For example, internet bandwidth should be increased as soon as the car enters a WLAN hot spot and services capable of exploiting the bandwidth automatically activated (such as the downloading of software updates).

These application scenarios impose very high demands on the configurational flexibility and scalability of the systems which cannot be fulfilled by current state-of-the-art vehicle electronic architectures. By utilizing mechanisms of dynamically self-configuring systems and adding dynamic resource discovery and management capabilities to automotive middleware DySCAS intends to increase the ability of automotive systems to support these future use cases. Additionally, self-configuration shall enable a high level of fault-tolerance and dependability despite the increasing complexity of the systems.

The primary result of the project will be the specification of a layered architecture and associated interfaces, architecture description languages and the methods and tools required to support the development of such systems. These results shall be validated against use cases supplied by automotive manufactures and shall be used to influence standardisation activities such as future iterations of the AutoSAR standard. By defining open interfaces at the middleware level it shall be possible for third parties to develop functions that can be deployed across a large number of platforms and configurations.

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