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Applying High Power Ultrasound for industrial ultrasound-processing of viscous products

Project description

High-power ultrasound prevents honey crystallisation

Honey can turn from liquid to a semi-solid state, becoming cloudy, thick and grainy, resulting in the product being rejected by retailers. To prevent this phenomenon, known as honey crystallisation, from occurring, packers must first pasteurise honey destined for retail. Unfortunately, the high temperatures involved during the treatment causes serious degradation to most nutritive and beneficial substances in the honey. The EU-funded ViscoUS project will address this challenge by designing and manufacturing high-power ultrasound transducers suitable for highly viscous products such as honey. The technology, which reduces the content of sugar crystals whilst retaining all the nutrients contained in raw honey, can also be applied to other highly viscous products such as chocolate, ice creams, vegetable purees or sauces.

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