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Stop running, stop and start using our knowledge to be reachable

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SUSTAINABLE (Stop running, stop and start using our knowledge to be reachable)

Período documentado: 2021-06-01 hasta 2023-05-31

Precision agricultural management procedures should be designed to fit specific climate, geographical and environmental conditions. With this in mind, the EU-funded SUSTAINABLE project will test new edge AI systems as a decision support system, on a sound economic and technical basis, for suitable precision agriculture management procedures. Specifically, it will develop a tool to face adversities in agriculture, especially in developing countries. To achieve this goal, the project will bring together experts in biological and biochemical experimental analysis and computational experts. It will involve 8 countries with 12 beneficiaries and 2 external partners. The validation of the project’s AI tool and technology will be carried out in a real environment in Tunisia, the Rural Living Lab in Matmata.
the requirement analysis for the 4 pilot (olive and moringa oil, beer and wine, acquaculture and fresh fruits) started rom the beginning of the project until the end of the first year while the first data collection and edge AI device test and validation will start at the beginning of the second year until the end of the entire project.
During the project techno-economic assesment will be performed on the different pilots to understand the main needs and the possible sustainable solutions to adopt.
The main progress beyond the state of the art is the development of a virtual "one stop shop" platform to deploy different services that can cover the entire agrofood value chain, from farm to fork. Experts in satellite data, drones and ground sensors will work together with agronomists, biologists and modeller to design and develop new tools and to integrate existent solution in one platform that will be directly utilized by the final stakeholder of the sector (farmers theirselves) or by policy makers, researchers and environmental experts to guide the sector to sustainable agriculture.
On the other side, the platform and its tools and services will be thought for small and medium farmers, in developed and in development countries, to allow the use of agriculture4.0 and 5.0 methodologies and techniques to any type of farmers, paying attention to the cost and economic sustainability of the services.