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Network Analysis in Neocortex during Passive and Active Learning

Project description

Towards the next generation of bio-inspired computers

Advances in optical imaging, machine-learning and computational resources provide a unique opportunity for neuroscience to understand how the brain performs complicated computations that allow us to interact with the environment. The EU-funded neuronsXnets project will bring together experts in the field to study neural circuit function. The ultimate goal is to develop a new generation of computing technologies based on the principles of the biological nervous system. The consortium will capitalise on the neural networks of cognition to develop deep learning architectures and neuromorphic circuits suitable for existing or new innovative systems. Moreover, the project will undertake research and training activities for knowledge transfer and collaboration with stakeholders.


How does the brain perform the complicated computations that allow us to learn about and interact with the environment? The rapid advances in new optical imaging, the powerful statistical analysis/machine-learning techniques, and the availability of computational resources, provide a unique opportunity to decipher this fundamental question. NeuronsXnets forms an international, multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration network involving leading groups in neuroscience, neuromorphic computing, data science, systems, optical tools/imaging, and hospitals. It takes advantage of this unique environment to improve the understanding of neural circuit function and integrate its findings in deep learning architectures and in neuromorphic circuits, aiming to develop a new generation of computing technologies based on the organizing principles of the biological nervous system, optimized for higher levels of cognition. NeuronsXnets will perform knowledge transfer through hands-on training and research activities during 196 secondments, courses, 4 international workshops, and seminars, to train a new generation of highly skilled systems neuroscientists and computer scientists/engineers. All partners, especially the SMEs, will benefit from the cross-fertilization, by integrating the findings and systems they have developed in their existing solutions or in new systems, capitalizing on the research results that will be achieved, and creating a long-term link between business, research, higher education & hospitals. Through open access to the developed tools and collected data, NeuronsXnets can make significant impact on the scientific community. We are committed to educate and mentor young students and raise the public knowledge about the fascinating field of neuroscience. We will strive for research excellence, to develop innovative systems, and pursue entrepreneurial objectives, leading to a new era of collaborative research in neuroscience & bio-inspired technologies.


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