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Informal and Non-Formal E-Learning for Cultural Heritage

Project description

Innovative and integrative European framework for education

The traditional way of teaching has long remained unchanged, and in many cases, is out of date with today’s reality. The COVID-19 pandemic could serve as the ideal moment to develop novel, effective and far more creative ways for learning. It is important to expand the availability of learning in formal and informal dimensions. The EU-funded xFORMAL project will create a new framework dedicated to common European Heritage where citizens of any age can learn in an integrative, unformal setting using science and augmented technology. Based on the self-determined learning approach, it will enable innovative, modern, improved, and sustainable education with lifetime effects, due to local-communities engagement, and the mutual sharing of knowledge.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of all formal learning settings. This is a good time to expand opportunities in non-formal and informal settings. xFORMAL project aims at creating a framework in which science and technology meet citizens of all ages in an informal intergenerational educational setting, based on a platform and a game devoted to the common European cultural heritage. The key ingredients of the project are: the history of ancient Europe (partly taught in formal education), the landscape (typically, a non-formal learning base), the heutagogic approach, the virtual/augmented reality (generally recognised as an informal-learning tool), and the sharing of knowledge and experiences between SSH and ICT researchers in an intersectoral setting. The proposed actions target the creation of new partnerships in local communities to foster improved education for all citizens following the heutagogy approach. This project aims at supporting a range of research, dissemination and exploitation activities based on collaboration between educational providers, associations, enterprises, and civil society in order to become an agent of community well-being; encourage families to become real partners in educational life and activities; actively involve professionals from enterprises and civil and wider society in bringing real-life projects to the civil society; and encourage policymakers to the mainstream of good practices and insights into policies, and hence sustainability and impact beyond the lifetime of funding. It is expected that in the short term the development of xFORMAL partnerships between academic and non-academic institutions will contribute to a more scientifically interested and literate society and citizens of all ages with a better awareness of and interest in a cultural common heritage. In the long-term, it will contribute towards ERA objectives of increasing the number of scientists.



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