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A novel biotreatment technology for sustainable metal extraction from low-grade ores, tailings and WEEE

Project description

Green mining processes with the help of microorganisms

Low-grade ores and metal waste are essential raw materials in the mining industry. However, they contain large deposits of complex organic compounds that render metal extraction difficult and inefficient. Moreover, metal extraction consumes a lot of energy, releases toxic gases and generates acidic waste. The BiotaMet solution aims to achieve maximum valorisation of low-grade ores, tailings, wastes and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). To that end, it uses a unique combination of heterotrophic microorganisms and methanogens that are adapted to biodegrade and extract metal compounds ores. The EU-funded BiotaMet project will optimise the solution for four specific raw materials, focussing on the construction of large bioreactors at their bio-mining centre. The project will effectuate lab-level and industry-scale pilots to validate and demonstrate the solution and prepare it for commercialisation.

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