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Shift2Rail IP4 to support the deployment of Mobility as a Service


Demonstration requirements and scenarios, C-REL

Identifies the CREL version of i the requirements of the demonstration scenarios from the point of view of the TSPs and ii the scenarios ASIS and TOBE of the demonstrations to be followed in the IP4MaaS project In particular this deliverable will define the technological requirements for the integration in the IP4 ecosystem of the services provided by IP4MaaS TSPs This deliverable is an input for WP3 and WP4

Project visual identity and templates

Logo, Roll-up, Project’s templates, social media and website.

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Methodological framework for a quantitative assessment of new technologies to boost the interoperability of railways services.

Author(s): Elena García-Jiménez, Sara Poveda-Reyes, Ashwani Kumar Malviya, Gemma Dolores Molero and Francisco Enrique Santarremigia.
Published in: Proceedings TRA2022 published by Elsevier, Paper accepted but Not edited yet, 2022
Publisher: Elsevier