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Shift2Rail IP4 to support the deployment of Mobility as a Service

Project description

Accelerating the uptake of mobility-as-a-service schemes

The EU-funded IP4MaaS project will execute activities supporting comprehensive demonstrations of technologies developed within S2R IP4, leading to their execution, monitoring their progresses, assessing their results (effectiveness, market acceptance, user satisfaction). Those activities will be enhanced by co-creation/collaboration actions between different partners. IP4MaaS will define an elaborate plan for demo execution, building on and extending knowledge from previous projects (e.g. Shift2MaaS). It will provide insights concerning the interest of transport service providers in data exchange, use-cases for technology integration/implementation, and an assessment of a user-centric design thinking methodology application in demo execution. IP4 technologies will be demonstrated in six European locations (Padua, Liberec, Barcelona, Athens, Warsaw, Osijek) involving different transport operators, translating IP4 solutions into specific demo site solutions.


Within IP4 more than 10 projects have created a wide array of technologies that tackles carious aspects of traveller experience. Those technologies tackle the interoperability of Transport Service Providers’ (TSPs) services, travel shopping, booking & ticketing, trip tracking, travel companion technologies and business analytics. Various tools have been tested in various locations around Europe retrieved user feedback and improved upon the feedback. Today, IP4 has a large toolset of proven technologies that need to go to the next level; become ready to be implemented in large scale products. IP4MaaS will assist IP4 projects to demonstrate the technologies at an unprecedented level: 6 different locations in Europe including more than 10 transport operators (Public Transport and Mobility-as-a-Service), authorities and agencies. IP4MaaS will develop the scenarios for the demonstrations and a thorough assessment strategy for the demonstrations that tackles both the performance of the demonstrations as well as the impact of the technologies on users and the environment in urban and suburban setups. IP4MaaS will create strategic plans for the demonstrations that will be updated in two iterations leading to two demonstration phases. Furthermore, the project will provide recommendations regarding the promotion and transferability of the technologies to other locations in Europe. IP4MaaS will organise and monitor one of the largest demonstrations of technologies in European project’s history and expects its findings to be used as a baseline for future demonstrations and testing that involves a diverse group of demo partners.

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