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Dynamic coverage Extension and Distributed Intelligence for human Centric applications with assured security, privacy and trust: from 5G to 6G

Project description

Taking steps to 6G

5G networks provide unparalleled data rates and features. Yet these capabilities are still far from what a hyperconnected society and industry needs. Future wireless connectivity Beyond 5G will need a smart and green platform that is highly adaptive, ultra-fast and dependable to support innovative, human-centric applications securely. This is the focus of the EU-funded DEDICAT 6G project, which investigates solutions for dynamic distribution of intelligence to improve task execution time, energy efficiency, and ultimately, reduce end-to-end latency. The project also researches enablers for dynamic coverage extensions exploiting robots, drones, and connected vehicles. The scope includes techniques for security, privacy, and trust assurance including enablers for novel interaction between humans and digital systems using innovative interfaces and devices, like smart glasses.


In future 6G wireless networks, it is imperative to support more dynamic resourcing and connectivity to improve adaptability, performance, and trustworthiness in the presence of emerging human-centric services with heterogeneous computation needs. DEDICAT 6G aims to develop a smart connectivity platform using artificial intelligence and blockchain techniques that will enable 6G networks to combine the existing communication infrastructure with novel distribution of intelligence (data, computation and storage) at the edge to allow not only flexible, but also energy efficient realisation of the envisaged real-time experience. DEDICAT 6G takes the next vital step beyond 5G by addressing techniques for achieving and maintaining an efficient dynamic connectivity and intelligent placement of computation in the mobile network. In addition, the proposal targets the design and development of mechanisms for dynamic coverage extension through the exploitation of novel terminals and mobile client nodes, e.g. smart connected cars, robots and drones. DEDICAT also addresses security, privacy and trust assurance especially for mobile edge services and enablers for novel interaction between humans and digital systems. The aim is to achieve (i) more efficient use of resources; (ii) reduction of latency, response time, and energy consumption; (iii) reduction of operational and capital expenditures; and (iv) reinforcement of security, privacy and trust. DEDICAT 6G will focus on four use cases: Smart warehousing, Enhanced experiences, Public Safety and Smart Highway. The use cases will pilot the developed solutions via simulations and demonstrations in laboratory environments, and larger field evaluations exploiting various assets and testing facilities. The results are expected to show significant improvements in terms of intelligent network load balancing and resource allocation, extended connectivity, enhanced security, privacy and trust and human-machine interactions.

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