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Reinforcing the AI4EU Platform by Advancing Earth Observation Intelligence, Innovation and Adoption

Project description

Enabling AI and Εarth Observation innovation through integration of AI4EU with DIAS platforms

Delivering 12 TB of space data per day, Copernicus is the world’s largest space data provider. At the same time, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an indispensable and ubiquitous tool for growth and innovation. The EU-funded AI4Copernicus project will bridge the EU AI on-demand platform, AI4EU, with Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) platforms to enable innovative players to break new ground. The project will organise and fund four open calls for SMEs, realising eight small-scale experiments and nine larger-scale use-cases. Through its technological contribution and open-calls, AI4Copernicus will deepen the integration of AI4EU with multiple DIAS platforms and enrich the European arsenal with sustainable, cutting-edge applications in domains of high economic and societal impact, such as in agriculture, energy, environment and security.


AI4Copernicus aims to make the AI4EU AI-on-demand platform the platform of choice for users of Copernicus data along the value chain (scientists, SMEs, non-tech sector). AI4Copernicus will achieve this by exposing AI4EU resources on DIAS (data and information access services) platforms, making it easy to procure computing power and large EO data, as well as to access training material and expertise. AI4Copernicus proposes to reinforce and optimise the AI4EU platform service offering with AI4Copernicus datasets, tools and services relevant to Copernicus data to facilitate the use and uptake of the platform resources in domains of high economic and societal impact, such as in Agriculture, Energy and Security. A series of 4 open calls have been planned, leading to 8 small-scale experiments (smaller, single-beneficiary experimental projects targeting technology-advanced users) and 9 use-cases (larger-budget projects, involving at least one non-technology user). The open calls will necessitate the utilisation of DIAS platforms, Copernicus data, the AI4EU platform and the services and resources that will be provided by the AI4Copernicus project. Through organising, facilitating and mentoring these Open Calls, AI4Copernicus will reach out to new user domains and boost the use of the AI4EU platform. More specifically, AI4Copernicus aims to: (1) Expand and deepen the integration of AI4EU with DIAS platforms to enrich the AI4EU service offering and enable far-reaching innovation; (2) Kickstart the innovation cycle by incentivising diverse AI4EU and Copernicus communities to solve real problems of business and societal value; and (3) Drive the evolution, uptake, and impact of all involved platforms: AI4EU and the DIAS platforms, especially WEkEO, CREODIAS and MUNDI.

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