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An Affordable, miniaturisEd, clOud-connected system powered by deep Learning algorithms for comprehensive air qUality measurements based on highly integrated mid-IR photonic

Project description

An affordable way to measure air quality

The impacts of climate change and air pollution have become everyday concerns. With air quality having tangible effects on the environment and public health, accurate, real-time monitoring is of vital importance. The EU-funded AEOLUS project is developing a groundbreaking, affordable and miniaturised gas sensor that will greatly assist in rapidly and accurately assessing air quality. Utilising a novel sensing system, the sensor will calculate and predict indoor and outdoor air quality, greenhouse gas concentration and toxic gas leakage. The ultimate goal is to bring to the market affordable, portable sensors that will help improve air quality in a variety of environments, positively impacting daily life for European citizens.


AEOLUS, leveraging on the experience of its partners on novel photonic components (e.g. broadband thermal emitter, graphene photodetector), will demonstrate in an operational environment (TRL 7) an affordable, miniaturised, multi-gas (10 - 15 gases) sensor based on highly integrated photonic chips in the mid-IR (3 μm - 10 μm). AEOLUS sensors will be cloud connected, deployed in an existing IoT testbed, while the plethora of data acquired will be used to develop deep learning algorithms for chemometric analysis.
AEOLUS sensing system will demonstrate the calculation and accurate prediction of indoor and outdoor air quality, greenhouse gases concentration, and toxic gas leakages detection. The sensing system will provide many functionalities for the end-user such as real-time alerts, notifications, visualized reports and overlays while it will allow taking automatic actions where they are needed. AEOLUS will also demonstrate how user engagement can be promoted through its system, employing gamification concepts and incentivise the end users.
AEOLUS targets for a cheap portable sensor, tested for its interoperability, with many functionalities and quality of life services, targeting a very wide range of applications to ensure its widespread deployment. The proliferation of the AEOLUS sensor in the community acts in an exponential manner (leveraging Big Data techniques and Deep Learning algorithms), further enhancing the system’s accuracy and speed. AEOLUS sensing system is completely in line with its industrial partners' roadmaps and exploitation plans and it is foreseen to have a product in the market 0-2 years from the end of the project.
Ultimately, the acquired data and analysis will be made available to policy-makers and stakeholders, so that AEOLUS has a far-reaching impact in EU’s citizens life.

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