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Global South Migration and Comparative Integration: A Study of South American Migrants


Are integration patterns of southern migrants and their children in the Global South the same as those of their counterparts in the Global North? What is the impact of migrating to the Global South vs. migrating to the Global North, for migrants and their children? GLAM builds on my research and expertise on migrant integration in the Global North to address these lacunae. The aim of GLAM is to study patterns of socioeconomic integration of South-South migrants and their children, and to provide a comparative perspective with respect to their South-North counterparts and to non-migrants in origin countries. To achieve this goal, I will study international migration waves originating in South America, and carry out my global fellowship (GF) in two of these migration waves’ main destinations: Argentina (Global South) and Spain (Global North). The project—which uses advanced quantitative methods—will consist, first, of a case study of migrant socioeconomic integration in Argentina. And, second, of a multisite study that compares the socioeconomic integration of selected southern migrant groups in Argentina, Spain and Italy, and identifies their socioeconomic gains (and loses) in relation to non-migrants at origin. In Argentina I will be based at IDAES, a renowned social science research centre at the National University of San Martin. I will be trained on South-South migration and comparative approaches, and my work supervised by a leading migration scholar in South America, Prof. Marcela Cerrutti. The entire GF will be supervised by Prof. Javier Polavieja, director of the D-Lab, a leading research centre on inequality and discrimination at the University Carlos III Madrid. At the D-Lab, I will improve my methodological skills and contribute with my acquired Global South migration and comparative expertise. The successful completion of the GF will place me in a strong position to become an established scholar in a European institution, with strong overseas connections.

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