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Mechanical contribution of starch granules in the stabilization/destabilization of cell walls during bread baking


Wheat-based bread is a staple food in the European and North American diet, presenting a relevant economic importance. Early successes in the wheat selection (high in gluten) along with the use of additives (surfactants, supplementation in gluten) to smooth out the variability in batch-to-batch performance of wheat flours reduced the incentive to carry out in-depth characterization of the roles played by other flour ingredients in the inflation process during bread baking. However, supplies of bread-quality wheat are being threatened by climate-induced variability, while consumers are more critical regarding the use of food additives and more demanding of clean-label products. In this scenario, the bakery industry will demand a transformation and alternatives such as flour blending will become a hot topic. In order to obtain breads with similar performance, it is crucial to understand the exact role played by flour ingredients other than gluten in breadmaking, especially starches (~80% of the wheat flour). In this context, the MECASTARCH project proposes a cutting-edge approach of computer modelling offering the possibility to decouple the multiple roles played by starch in the stabilization/destabilization of Gas Cell Wall (GCW) during baking and focusing on the mechanical contribution of starch. Several experimental approaches applied to a selection of starches will feed this computer modelling, including rheometry on moderately hydrated starch, starch/gluten interactions by AFM, and morphometric observations of GCW by sophisticated microscopy. On the one hand, the fellow will share her large experience in the characterization and evaluation of starches with the host. On the other hand, the host will contribute to develop her scientific skills related to material science, as well as her management skills. The project will deeply contribute to the career development of the fellow who aims at promoting a holistic approach from her background science in a near future

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