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Reliability-oriented Lightweight Optimization Framework for Intelligent Design of Material-structure Integration


This project will develop novel topology optimization (TO) methods for the design of multi-scale lattice structures built using additive manufacturing (AM) from porous materials to achieve multiple performance criteria (e.g. stiffness and strength, mass and safety factors, static and dynamic performance). To this end, an intelligent lightweight design concept which combines a novel non-probabilistic reliability-based topology optimization (RBTO) framework and efficient solution algorithms, will be developed for integrated material-structure design (IMSD). The action will, for the first time, address a number of technical challenges in the integrated RBTO design of multi-scale lattice structures manufactured from porous materials, (e.g. accurate evaluation of the mechanical properties of high-porosity microstructures incorporating uncertainties, dynamic reliability prediction of multi-scale lattice structures, and non-probabilistic reliability-based design strategies). The applicant, working with the team at CU will deliver internationally recognized knowledge and techniques in the research field of IMSD

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Newport Road 30-36
CF24 ODE Cardiff
United Kingdom
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 212 933,76