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A probabilistic framework for assessing polar wander – Constraining paleolongitude in deep time

Project description

Understanding palaeolongitude in deep geologic time

Understanding Earth's evolution requires the quantification of past movements of tectonic plates. However, before 130 Ma this can only be achieved through the study of palaeomagnetism, but analytical limitations have thus far prevented it from being used to its full potential. The EU-funded TANGO project will address this challenge by integrating data-science techniques into palaeomagnetic research. The research fellow will develop state-of-the-art computer-intensive statistical methods to provide the conceptual basis for a probabilistic framework. Palaeographic reconstructions will be provided with uncertainty estimates for the first time to tackle one of the most important challenges currently facing geophysics – palaeolongitude determination in deep geologic time. This research will support efforts to explore the missing links between plate tectonics and mantle evolution.


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