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A Global Value Chain of Research and Innovation: Governance and Power in designing research for sustainable mineral-material uses

Project description

Maximising resource efficiency in the mineral sector

Socio-technical imaginaries direct transformations of matter, informing and shaping trajectories of research and innovation (R&I). Research on imaginaries can help facilitate socio-economic system transformations towards sustainable mineral use. The EU-funded GloRI project will study the conversion of natural resources into commodities derived from imaginaries to allow resource efficiency and the sustainable use of raw materials. The interdisciplinary project will examine funded research projects by conceptualising a global value chain (GVC) of R&I, the science and technology studies (STS) concept of socio-technical imaginaries, and the innovation studies (IS) concept of global pipelines. GloRI will map and explore imaginaries in decision-making on research design, demonstrate how imaginaries operate, and the use of mineral-based materials.


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€ 279 250,56
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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