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System Identification of the Dynamics of Multisensory Integration

Project description

Fish models of multisensory integration

Central nervous system (CNS) processes include signals with a wide variety of spatiotemporal features, such as different speed and propagation patterns. The CNS integrates these signals to construct a unique representation of the environment. The EU-funded MultiSense project will study the filtering mechanisms adopted by the CNS to integrate multisensory information. The investigation models will focus on the visual and electrosensory cues utilised by glass knifefish to track the movements of refuge, and the vision and mechanosensory lateral line utilised by zebrafish to sense the direction and velocity of local currents. The objective is to apply system identification theory to generate models capturing the dynamics of real-time sensory mechanisms adopted by these fish.


Net EU contribution
€ 157 355,52
Hacettepe Universitesi Beytepe Kampusu Rektorluk Binasi
06800 Cankaya Ankara

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Batı Anadolu Ankara Ankara
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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