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Medieval Irish and Medieval Icelandic Texts in Nineteenth-Century Translation

Project description

Medieval Irish and Icelandic translations in 19th century

During the 19th century, Denmark, Ireland, and Iceland antiquarians published translations of medieval Irish and Icelandic texts. The texts were used by cultural and political nationalists to reclaim their respective national medieval past and determine its relevance in contemporary political developments. The EU-funded MIRMINT project will carry out a comparative study of medieval Irish and Icelandic translations to identify the translated texts, the meaning of that choice, and the links between translations and nationalism. It will compile a database of publications, compare it with another known list of medieval texts, study antiquarian correspondence and nationalist periodicals. MIRMINT will explore how small nations and dominating countries used the Irish and Icelandic past in the 19th century.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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