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Rationalising Full Compensation of Non-Pecuniary Damages to Reconcile Equal Treatment and Personalisation


In the EU, full compensation of non-pecuniary damages remains fragmented and subjective, leading to unequal outcomes within jurisdictions. This is despite numerous attempts to reduce variability, e.g. barèmes and tables. The project aims to develop evidence-based guidelines for decision-makers to award damages, reconciling equal treatment and personalisation. Such guidelines will be developed into a model legislative proposal for Member States to foster rationalisation in this sector. The goal is to reduce bias, uncertainty, subjectivity and unequal treatment in the assessment of non-pecuniary damages, minimising the social and individual costs of awarding such damages, while at the same time investigating the actual perception of full compensation by victims.
To this end, the project will (1) explore damages awarding mechanisms in the EU and the legal aids to assess compensation; (2) investigate, through online and laboratory behavioural experiments, the actual perception of fair and full compensation by adjudicators, identifying their mechanisms of psychic satisfaction and their cognitive reaction to different legal aids; (3) based on the collected experimental results, develop tools to assess compensation and assist decision-making processes.

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