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Molecular mechanisms underlying elemental and configural learning in zebrafish

Project description

Associative learning in zebrafish

Most species link specific experiences and stimuli with responses, a necessary learning process that allows them to adapt and survive. The EU-funded ViCoZe project aims to further study the two categories of this associative learning in zebrafish. The idea is to combine behavioural experiments with biochemical and neurological analyses as well as genetics to decipher the brain, molecular pathways and genes implicated in learning. ViCoZe will provide fundamental information on cognition that can be extrapolated in humans and also generate standardised zebrafish-based methods that can be used for future studies in the field.


Net EU contribution
€ 191 852,16
405 30 Goeteborg

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Södra Sverige Västsverige Västra Götalands län
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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